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How to Buy Used Auto Parts | City Auto Wreckers

If you want to save money in your vehicle maintenance budget, consider purchasing used car parts for repairs rather than buying new. New parts are expensive and can disrupt your daily budget if you do not have maintenance expenses in your budget. In many cases, used parts work just as well as new.
Before you decide to buy used car parts, be sure you do the proper research to ensure the part will work in your car.

Know Which Part You Need

When you know you have a problem with your vehicle, have it inspected by your mechanic to find out exactly which part you need. Unless you are familiar with car repairs, you need an accurate diagnosis of the problem so you do not waste time and money buying a part you do not need.
Auto parts need to be specific to the make and model of your vehicle. When you begin the search for a used part, you need to have all the details for the specific part you need. If you are visiting a used auto salvage yard, you should bring your old part to compare it with the inventory to ensure you get the correct part for your vehicle.

Research the New Price Point

Before you start to research used auto parts, look at new parts to get an idea of what it would cost. This way, you will know whether or not the used part is a better deal than buying new. When you do your research, print the pricing information of the new part to have on hand.
If the used auto part is not much less than a new part, you should either continue searching somewhere else or purchase the part new. You can also use the pricing information to negotiate a better price on the used part.

Ensure You Can Return the Part

In rare cases, a used part will not work or will stop performing. Before you purchase a used auto part, ask whether or not the auto salvage yard offers any warranties. Many used auto parts come with at least a one month warranty. If the part does not work or stops working as it should, you can exchange or possibly get a refund.
If the auto salvage yard you work with does not offer any type of warranty or buyer protection, you should consider buying elsewhere.

Determine That a New Part Is Not a Better Option

Think about whether or not you would be better off buying a new part. While many different auto parts are fine to purchase used, others are better purchased new. You do not want to risk a crucial part of your engine failing just after you had your vehicle repaired.
Certain important parts, such as the brakes, alternator, rotors, and the like will wear out over time. You may not want to purchase these items used without careful research. You may be better off purchasing these parts new. Although a new part is costlier, you will save time and money repairing the same problem over and over.
You can easily purchase a variety of used parts that you will not have to be as concerned about. Brake drums, fuel pumps, air conditioner compressors, or body parts are typically safe. Parts that wear out due to high mileage are those you have to be more careful with.
Buying your auto parts used is a great way to save money as long as you do your homework. If you need assistance with finding used auto parts for your vehicle, please contact us at City Auto Wreckers.