Junk My Car in Naperville, IL

Have a junk car just rusting in your driveway or backyard? Don’t let that junk car go to waste. Turn to City Auto Wreckers for free junk car pickup in Naperville, IL. If you’ve thought, “I want to junk my car,” you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t Leave Your Junk Car Sitting Around

If your junk car is a car from your childhood or you’ve planned for years to restore it, you might be tempted to just let your junk car sit. However, did you know that a junk car can decrease your home’s value, attract pests, or become dangerous to your children or pets? Don’t let your junk car become an accident waiting to happen. Turn to City Auto Wreckers.

Choose Us to Pick Up Your Junk Car

City Auto Wreckers is here to help with removing your junk car. We’ll come to you, pick up your junk car, and pay you cash. Not only will you get a potential liability off your property, but extra money to enjoy however you want. We’ll also tow it away for you — for free!

Contact Us Today

Don’t just wait around thinking “what if I junk my car for cash?” Do it! Call Auto City Wreckers today at (800) 898-CITY.