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City Auto is a leading provider of used car starters in the Aurora area.

If you hear the r-rrr-rr noise when you turn your key, the starter isn’t the issue. If your engine does turn over but nothing happens, there is something else broken. For example, if you turn the key and hear one loud click, then all power shuts down, you might have a loose battery connection. Or if you hear several rapid clicks and nothing happens, you might have a dead battery. However if you turn the key and it starts very slowly, the dashboard and external lights flicker, or nothing happens, then your car starter is in poor shape. It’s time for a new car starter!

Once you’ve diagnosed that you do in fact have a bad car starter, you need an affordable option to replace it with. Check out City Auto, Aurora’s #1 used car part provider.

Where is the Starter?

Your car starter is located near the transmission. When you turn your key in the ignition, there is an electric signal sent through the car. This is sent to the starter gear, which then turns the engine over and gets your car going. Without a functional car starter, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere. Replacing your starter can be a tricky process. The issues that come with a faulty starter can be easily confused with car batteries or alternators.

Used Car Starter

Just like any major car repair or restoration job, buying a good quality car starter can be very pricy. City Auto wants to help you find an affordable car starter for whatever your needs are. City Auto has been a family-owned business since 1981. We pride ourselves on providing expert service and high quality used auto parts at competitive prices.

We’re the leading option for used car starters and refurbished car starters in Aurora and the Chicagoland area. No matter what your issue is, give our trained restoration experts a call at (630) 898-2900 and they can help you find the exact car starter you need for your particular car make or model. Use our online parts lookup tool to find what you need. Get a used car starter from City Auto and get your car going.