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When Is the Right Time to Junk Your Car?

Cars are made to last many years, but there eventually comes a time when the vast majority of vehicles need to be sent to the scrapyard. If you have an old beater, here are some signs that now is the time to junk it.

You Can’t Find a Buyer for the Car

If you list your car for sale and no one wants to purchase it, you can try lowering your asking price in order to entice buyers. There’s only so low that a vehicle’s price can go, though. When no one wants to buy your car, the market is telling you that the vehicle needs to be junked. If there’s no demand for your car, then a scrap yard may be your best bet.

Your Repair Costs Are Greater Than the Car’s Value

When a driver files an auto insurance claim for damage that exceeds their car’s fair-market value, insurance companies send the car to be salvaged and write the policyholder a check for the value. This is because, from a financial perspective, it’s not worth repairing the car.

Follow the example of insurance companies, and junk your car if repair costs exceed what the car is worth. Ask your mechanic for an estimate on all the work that the car needs and then determine what its fair market value is. You can determine its value by checking used-car value guides and seeing what cars of similar makes, models, and mileage are being sold for.

Your Mechanic Says the Car Needs to Be Scrapped

Should your mechanic ever recommend junking your car, you should listen to them. They’re professionals in the field, and they don’t directly benefit if you send your car to the scrapyard, so they have no incentive to misguide you and likely have a good reason for their recommendation. Even though your car may look good on the outside, internal parts (e.g. suspension, head gasket, timing belt) could be rusted out or broken beyond repairing them at a reasonable cost. There’s also a safety risk to you and others if you’re driving a car that shouldn’t be on the road.

Of course, you can also ask your mechanic for advice. If you’re unsure whether you should keep or junk your car, share what you’re thinking with them during the next service appointment. They’ll have some sage advice, especially if you’ve been going to the same place for some time and they know how you use your vehicle.

You Have No Title for Your Car and Want to Sell It

If you’re ever gifted or inherit a car that has no title, selling the vehicle will be challenging. You’ll have to first obtain a title, as selling it without a title is illegal in the vast majority of states. Securing a title is a time-consuming process that can be both aggravating and costly, and sometimes it’s not worth going through.

An alternative in this situation is to junk the car. As long as the vehicle isn’t stolen, it can legally be junked as a salvage vehicle without a title. And, you can be paid by the scrapyard that you take it to.

Your Car’s Safety Features Are Outdated and Lacking

Occasionally, an old car will have hundreds of thousands of miles on the odometer but still be reliable. Even if the car’s in good condition and dependable, however, it’s lacking the newer safety features that have been developed since its production. This leaves anyone in the car at greater risk of injury than those who have newer cars.

If you have an extremely old car and are concerned about safety, now may be the time to upgrade your vehicle and junk the current one. Even though an older car may be inexpensive to own and fun to drive, those benefits are meaningless if you need medical attention because of injuries sustained in an accident.

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