Campton Hills Used Auto Parts and Junkyard Services


Our family owned business has provided Campton Hills used auto parts, recycled cars, and junk yard services for more than 30 years.

City Auto is proud to provide prime used auto parts at an affordable cost. Whether you are looking for foreign or domestic auto parts, we have the parts you need. Why get full priced parts when you can get used ones at an affordable price? With our auto parts look up and search pages, you are sure to find the part you need for your vehicle.

Campton Hills Junk Yard

We provide Campton Hills used auto parts and many different junk yard services to the Kane County area. Come by our junk yard to see our variety of used cars and auto parts. City Auto sells the car parts you need at a low cost.

We have auto restoration specialists on hand to help you find the exact parts you need for your specific vehicle at a low cost. To make sure you find the parts you need for your vehicle’s specifications, we provide auto parts look up tools and search pages.

Campton Hills Junk Your Car

Looking to discard your vehicle? We have environmentally friendly car recycling services in the Campton Hills, Kane County area. We also offer free pickup for junk cars that we buy.

We believe that recycling is important at City Auto. If you are in need of car recycling services or used auto parts, contact us today at (630) 898-2900.