Junk My Car in Downers Grove, IL

A non-working car just sitting on your property is money being thrown away. Turn your junk car into cash by calling City Auto Wreckers in the Downers Grove, IL, area today.

Why Junk My Car?

A car that just sits in your backyard or out front is both a potential liability and source of cash. Your old car can contain pests and rust that can harm others, and the neighbors might start to complain. Meanwhile, you just throw away cash when you let an old car go to waste.

Can I Just Junk My Car?

While you might think you can’t junk your car because it would be a hassle to transport, don’t worry. City Auto Wreckers has you covered.

As soon as you call us, we’ll come to you. We’ll look over your car, give you the cash you deserve, and haul your junk car away for free. No more worrying about taking the car yourself to the junkyard — we’ll do it.

What Happens to My Car?

Once we’ve taken your car to our salvage yard, we’ll recycle any usable car parts that other people can use. That way, all of us help the environment by recycling and repurposing old cars and their car parts.

Do you have an old car and wonder, “Can I junk my car near me?” You’re in luck! Call City Auto Wreckers today at (800) 898-CITY.