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Used Transmissions for Sale in Schaumburg & Evanston, IL

Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. It’s responsible for getting your car into gear, shifting gears while you’re moving, and ultimately moving your vehicle forward. There are two types of transmissions: manual transmission and automatic transmission. If you have a car with manual transmission, the driver must begin driving in first gear, gain speed, shift to second gear, and so on. With an automatic transmission, the car’s torque converter automates this process so the driver does not have to worry about gears.

Transmissions include a wide variety of smaller parts involved in making sure your vehicle can drive properly For example, the transmission fluid is responsible for cooling and lubricating the gears so that you won’t face difficulty accelerating or shifting gears.

Because a transmission is so vital to your car’s health, it’s so important to ensure that you have a functional one. However, due to the high number of parts involved in keeping a transmission working, replacing a broken transmission can become incredibly expensive.

Aurora Auto Transmissions

This is where City Auto Wreckers provides a helping hand. We’re the leading provider of used car transmissions in Aurora and the greater Chicago area. City Auto has been a family-owned business since 1981 and we pride ourselves on our quality products and knowledgeable customer service.

Our expert staff is equipped to help you find the used transmission for whatever make or model you are looking for, no matter if you need an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Each of our transmissions also come backed with a warranty guaranteeing them to be in good working order. These warranties also protect against in slippage or shifting failures.

When you need a used auto transmission replacement, come to City Auto. Simply pick up the phone and call us at (630) 898-2900 and let our expert used auto part sales staff help you find the auto transmission you need. You can also use our online parts lookup tool to find the car transmission you need.

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