Used Car Fenders for Sale in Aurora, IL

New and Used Car Fenders for Sale at City Auto Wreckers

Car fenders are an essential part of a vehicle’s functionality and appearance. Fenders are typically made of sheet metal and are situated on the side of the car and often take the shape of the front and rear wheels. While some fenders are built into the body of the car, others are easily replaceable panels, which makes repairs and restorations quick and affordable.

Fender Bender Repair

In the event of a minor accident, sheet metal fenders will sometimes bend or bulge outward to best protect the vehicle. For this reason, minor collisions between vehicles are commonly referred to as fender benders. It is important to replace these damaged fenders for aerodynamic purposes, as well as to prevent road debris from damaging the frame of your vehicle. Need to replace one of your fenders? Try a quality used car fender from City Auto Wreckers!

Car Fender Restoration

Restoring a car? Fenders come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so finding the right one can be a daunting task. Luckily, the City Auto Wreckers restoration team is here to help you find the perfect used fender. We carry high quality fenders for most makes and models and offer affordable prices. Call our expert staff at (630) 898-2900.

Aurora Car Fenders

Based in Aurora, IL, City Auto wants to help you find an affordable car fender for whatever your needs are. A family-owned business since 1981, we pride ourselves on providing expert service and high-quality used auto parts at competitive prices.

No matter what your issue is, give our trained repair and restoration experts a call at (630) 898-2900. Use our online parts lookup tool to find what you need. Get a used car fender from City Auto and get your car going.