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4 Reasons to Use a Wrecker Service When Junking Your Car

If you’re planning on junking your old vehicle, choose a junkyard that also offers a wrecker service. Instead of having to worry about getting the car to the junkyard yourself, you can have it picked up. These are some reasons why this is the better way to junk your old car.

1. Take Care of a Non-Running Vehicle

Many people choose to sell their cars to junkyards when the vehicle is no longer working. After all, it might cost a lot of money to get your old car up and running, and you might not feel like the repairs are worth the cost.

However, if the car isn’t running, getting it to the junkyard is going to be a little more difficult. This is why you should choose a junkyard that also offers a wrecker service. Junkyards don’t usually care if cars are running or not when they buy them, so you can sell a junk car without worrying about renting a trailer or pulling the car with another vehicle.

2. Avoid Getting a Ticket

Even if your junk car does still run, it might not be street legal. For example, if the car has been sitting for a long time, it might not have a current registration or license plate. You might also have taken the car off your insurance policy when you stopped driving the vehicle.

Driving a car without a current registration or license plate can cause you to get a ticket. Driving a car without insurance also comes with serious penalties. Plus, things might be wrong with the car that could lead to you getting a faulty equipment ticket, such as a broken windshield or bald tires.

You don’t want to get yourself into legal trouble when you’re trying to take your junk car to a junkyard. By using a wrecker service and having the car picked up, you can avoid the possibility of getting in any trouble when selling your junk car.

3. Prevent an Accident

In addition to the possibility of getting a ticket for driving your junk car when it’s not in good, legal condition, you also have the chance of getting into an accident.

If the windshield is damaged, for example, you may not be able to see well enough to drive safely. If an essential part fails while you’re driving, the car could stop in the middle of the road or make it harder for you to steer and maintain control of the vehicle, leaving you prone to getting into an accident. A wrecker takes that problem out of the equation.

4. Make the Process Easier

One of the joys of junking your car rather than selling it in other ways is the fact that it’s so fast and easy. Selling a car privately can be a big pain. You have to clean the inside and outside of the car, take pictures, and advertise the car.

You have to wait for people to call, deal with multiple phone calls, and set up appointments for people to come and look at the vehicle. Even with all of this hassle, you have no guarantee that the car will be sold, and you could waste a lot of time.

When you junk a car, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. If someone comes and picks the car up for you rather than you having to figure out how to transport it yourself, you can save time and make the process that much easier.

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