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5 Most Valuable Auto Parts From a Salvage Car

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Car recycling is a big industry with about 25 million tons of material recycled annually from old vehicles. The auto recycle industry is a boon to the environment and also helps millions of car owners find affordable replacement parts. With advances in car technology, auto parts are more expensive to repair and replace. Local car salvage yards now offer a more affordable source of car parts.  

If you’re looking to fix, build, or repair a car, learn more about some of the most valuable car auto parts you can find from a salvage car.

1. Lead Batteries

Lead batteries are the most recycled products in the country. Before a lead battery finally goes to a landfill, it helps produce more batteries, which prevents environmental pollution.

At any car junkyard, you’ll find a wide variety of lead batteries at different stages of use for resale to car owners, recyclers, and other buyers. Auto part manufacturers also refurbish car batteries and sell them cheaply to car owners and other users.

2. Car Tires

Tires are among the most valuable items in a car junkyard. Good quality tires last for about three to four years and not all cars at a salvage yard have completed this mileage. Car owners, retread companies, and tire resellers are after old tires in good condition. You’ll also find cheap but high-quality rims and wheels at car salvage yards.

3. Car Mirrors

Car mirrors now come in new designs and special technology and are more expensive to repair or replace. If you drive without safety mirrors, you increase the risk of accidents or penalties on the road.

To avoid such problems, visit a local car salvage yard where you can find auto mirrors for all car models. With used mirrors from a car junkyard, you save money and enjoy a safer experience on the road.

4. Car Doors

A faulty door inconveniences you and puts you at risk while on the road. A complete door unit replacement is the perfect solution, but the units are expensive. Luckily, you can lower the cost with a visit to a local used car yard.

Car salvage experts have prerequisite tools and experience to remove entire door units for resale. The replacement doors at salvage yards are cheaper but serve the purpose.

Established salvage yards have now made it easier to search for auto parts online. With a quick filtered search on their website, you get a prompt answer on the availability of the specific auto part.

5. Car Engine

If car owners would love to find one thing at a salvage yard, it’s a car engine in good condition. A new 4-cylinder engine sets you back $4,000 and the bill might go up based on your car’s model and labor costs. If you still love your old car, look for a used engine in good condition at your local salvage company.

Car salvage facilities are the center of the large automotive recycling industry. The industry cuts on energy use and reduces pollution to conserve the environment. Without auto recycling, auto parts manufacturers would make millions of new parts. The production processes lead to the exploitation of natural resources and raise pollution levels. Car owners now have access to cheap but high-quality auto parts for a better driving experience.

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