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Why You Should Buy Auto Parts From a Salvage Yard

Whether you’re a mechanic or a car owner, there will come a time when you need to replace or repair some parts of a vehicle. Auto parts can be quite expensive, and sometimes finding the right part for your car can be a challenge. One option that many people overlook is buying auto parts from salvage yards.

Salvage yards—also known as junkyards—might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of auto parts, but they can be a great option for those in need of affordable parts. In this article, we’ll go over the reasons why you should consider buying auto parts from a salvage yard.

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How to Increase the Value of Your Junk Car

As cars age, their maintenance costs and pollutants increase. If you have a vehicle that’s beyond its lifespan, you can sell it to a junkyard and create more space in your parking lot.

While the money you get from the sale will depend on factors like the make and model, some measures can help you get a better offer. Read on to learn several things you can do to increase the value of your junk car.

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Common Myths About Junking Your Vehicle Busted

Whether your car is unsafe to drive, requires extensive and expensive repairs, or is damaged by a disaster, you may be considering junking it. However, junking a vehicle can be daunting due to numerous half-truths and misconceptions in the market. Learn eight common myths about junking your car and the truths behind them so you can junk your car confidently and get top dollar for it.  

Junk Cars are Valueless

Junk cars are invaluable for junkyards, and that’s why they are in business. While the amount you get for your junk vehicle depends on several factors, including condition and model, reputable junkyards offer the most competitive prices possible. The junk car can be stripped of parts and sold as spare parts to other car owners or its essential metals recycled.      

Junking a Car Is Complex

The process of junking your car is straightforward. It is much easier than selling a vehicle — think about advertising, viewing the car, confirming ownership, getting offers, and undergoing inspection and transfer. In the current digital age, you can sell your junk car online. Give the car’s details, get an offer, and arrange for pickup and payment.  

Only Certain Cars can Be Junked

The acceptable vehicles vary from one junkyard to another. While some yards take specific makes and models, others accept all cars regardless of the type and make, from SUVs to vans and pickups. However, you should consult a junkyard in advance about the type of vehicle you intend to junk before scheduling a pickup.

Junkyards Are Unsafe

Contrary to what many people believe, junkyards are safe and care about the welfare of customers at their premises. However, these yards have tons of automotive equipment and may contain hazardous materials like lead batteries and Freon, sharp objects, and heavy metals. Therefore, you should gear up when visiting a junkyard –wear gloves, a mask, helmet, and steel toe boots for safety reasons.   

No Title, No Sale

In the past, this was no myth but a reality. You could only sell your vehicle to a junkyard if you have the title. Nevertheless, nowadays, you can junk your car without a title as long as you prove you are the vehicle’s legal owner. Some junkyards allow sellers to sign an affidavit affirming they are the legal owners and offer corresponding evidence like insurance.      

Towing Fees Are Exorbitant

Some people fear to sell their vehicles, especially the undrivable ones, due to fear of high towing costs. You may be worried that towing will take up a substantial part of the money you get for the car. Luckily, junkyards understand these concerns, and most offer free towing from the vehicle location to their yard to save you the hassle and associated costs.

Junkyards Only Take Drivable Vehicles

Contrary to this common myth, your car does not have to be working for you to junk it. In fact, most yards purchase and retrieve car components, such as seats, tires, bumpers, fenders, and wheels, not the whole vehicle. Therefore, even if your vehicle’s engine is not functional, a yard can still benefit from other valuable parts.

Only Full Vehicles Are Junked

It is not uncommon for people to remove some parts of a junk car for use or resell. For example, you may remove the battery of a junk car to use in another vehicle. While some junkyards only buy fully intact cars, you can still junk a vehicle with some missing parts. The secret is to communicate about the missing parts upfront, so you get an accurate quote.   

Contact City Auto Wreckers for junk car services. We offer cash for both working and non-working vehicles and tow them free to save you the fuss and stress. We also sell top-notch used auto parts for almost any vehicle make and model. Our team of experienced, friendly, and passionate staff is always ready to serve you.  

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What to Know Before Junking an Old Vehicle

A vehicle may have once been a beloved method of transportation, but none will last forever. Owners often contact salvage yards after they have failed to sell their car or truck or when they cannot afford the repairs. Everyone wants to make the best decision. Learn if junking is best, how to prepare for junking, and what alternatives are possible.

When Junking is Best

Consumers can use references like Kelley Blue Book or NADA (North American Dealer’s Association) Guide to find out the value of their vehicle. Reconsider repairs that exceed the value of the automobile. Investing too much for repairs will make it impossible to recoup the money if you later decide to sell or use it as a trade-in. 

If your car is older, also consider that older vehicles may not have the same fuel efficiency as newer models. Maintained automobiles stay as efficient as they age but cannot always compete with the exceptional efficiency of new models. How much could you save on your daily commute if you traded your car in and bought something that got better mileage?

Unreliable vehicles, even if the repairs have been inexpensive, can also become a problem for owners. Breaking down on a roadside is hazardous for the driver, and breakdowns on the way to work can upset career goals. People that do not feel confident in their vehicle should consider junking it and finding something more trustworthy.

What Parts to Keep

Clean out the car or truck before someone arrives to collect a junked vehicle. Look under sun visors and floor mats, in the glove compartment and trunk, and inside any other storage area. Remove personal belongings and all paperwork. Also remember to remove the license plates because leaving them can become a liability issue.

Aside from personal items, consider removing anything not original to the vehicle. A salvage yard typically pays for the car or truck based on the age and condition of the model. Remove extras like a high-end speaker system, new tires, or other custom items before an assessment occurs. Install tires that are at least reliable enough to load or tow the vehicle.

Leave anything on the vehicle that was a part of the assessment by the salvage company. If the engine on the junked vehicle showed 75,000 miles, for example, do not remove it before the tow truck arrives to replace it with one with higher mileage. Ask about the need to remove any fluids like oil or gas before the tow truck arrives.

What Alternatives to Consider

The average American spends just under $400 per year on maintenance and repairs for their vehicles. Younger adults spend slightly more on average than older adults for vehicle costs. All automobiles need some care, so junking a repairable model may not always make financial sense.

Consider ways to save on the cost of repairs. Used parts can offer savings compared to new ones. Ask for estimates for the work that compare the total using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, used parts, and aftermarket parts to see the difference. Decide if you could do the repairs yourself. The Internet offers a variety of helpful video tutorials on auto repairs.

Check to see if the manufacturer ever recalled the failed part. Manufacturers perform recalls on many vehicles, and they usually do not expire. Do an online search of the 17-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to see any recalls. If the part affected was recalled, contact a dealer for the make and model to get information about the repair.

Sometimes, no matter how much someone loves a vehicle, it is too expensive to continue to invest in repairs. At City Auto Wreckers, we can help you find affordable used parts if you want, or we can pick up your vehicle if it is ready for salvage. Contact us to learn more.

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Top Reasons to Junk Your Car

In the US, people junk almost 12 million cars every year. While deciding to retire your four-wheeled friend can be difficult after many years of service and memories, it can be the best course of action. Junking your vehicle is eco-friendly, and you make money, save space, and help other motorists who need spare parts. Learn common reasons to say goodbye to your car and junk it. Continue reading Top Reasons to Junk Your Car

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Can a Salvage Yard Help You With Routine Maintenance?

Working on your car can be a point of pride, whether you’re maintaining a modern daily driver or a classic showpiece. Performing your own regular maintenance saves money on labor costs and saves money over the long run by ensuring that your vehicle always operates at peak performance. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to save money on parts costs, too.

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5 Most Valuable Auto Parts From a Salvage Car

cars in an impound lot

Car recycling is a big industry with about 25 million tons of material recycled annually from old vehicles. The auto recycle industry is a boon to the environment and also helps millions of car owners find affordable replacement parts. With advances in car technology, auto parts are more expensive to repair and replace. Local car salvage yards now offer a more affordable source of car parts.  

If you’re looking to fix, build, or repair a car, learn more about some of the most valuable car auto parts you can find from a salvage car.

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