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5 Steps to Successfully Junk Your Car

Has your vehicle reached the end of its useful life? Work with a scrapyard to get the vehicle off your property, make a little cash, and help other car owners in your area. Here are seven steps for success when junking a car.

1. Get the Title

You need to be certain that you own the vehicle you are junking — and the scrapyard will need to surrender the title to the Secretary of State to obtain a junking certificate.

If you have recently paid off the vehicle, make sure you get the title from the lienholder. If you own the vehicle already, you should have the title. If you don’t have the title on hand but know you own the vehicle, you can apply for a new title through the DMV.

When you take the vehicle to the scrapyard to sell it, bring the title so you can easily transfer the ownership to the scrapyard by filling out the forms on the back of the title.

2. Collect Your Belongings

If you’ve recently driven the vehicle you’re planning to junk — or even if you haven’t — make sure to clean it out and retrieve all your personal belongings.

Check every compartment: glove box, center console, side door pockets, seat back pockets, and the trunk. If your car has space or storage under or behind the seats, check there too. Remove anything that wouldn’t be included with the original sale of the car; leave original items such as the owner’s manual and spare tire.

3. Remove the Plates

Every owner of a car gets new license plates that tie that car to the owner. Therefore, when selling your vehicle to a scrapyard, don’t leave the plates on the car. Any theft or crime associated with the car can be traced back to you if your plates are left on the vehicle, even if the vehicle is no longer in your possession.

Check with the DMV to learn whether you need to surrender the plates or can destroy them on your own.

4. Cancel the Insurance

Whenever you sell a car, whether to a buyer or a scrapyard, you need to cancel your insurance coverage for that vehicle. After all, you don’t want to pay to cover a car you don’t own.

When you junk your car, make sure to call your insurance company and remove that car from your policy.

5. Get a Tow

If your junk car isn’t drivable, you’ll need to have it towed to the scrapyard. And while you may feel comfortable towing the vehicle yourself, this isn’t the best idea. When you tow the vehicle yourself, you’re responsible for any risks and damage that happen to it or other cars on the road.

Instead, rely on a towing company or the scrapyard to tow the vehicle. Many scrapyards offer free pickup as part of their junk services, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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