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Top Reasons to Junk Your Car

In the US, people junk almost 12 million cars every year. While deciding to retire your four-wheeled friend can be difficult after many years of service and memories, it can be the best course of action. Junking your vehicle is eco-friendly, and you make money, save space, and help other motorists who need spare parts. Learn common reasons to say goodbye to your car and junk it. Continue reading Top Reasons to Junk Your Car

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Can a Salvage Yard Help You With Routine Maintenance?

Working on your car can be a point of pride, whether you’re maintaining a modern daily driver or a classic showpiece. Performing your own regular maintenance saves money on labor costs and saves money over the long run by ensuring that your vehicle always operates at peak performance. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to save money on parts costs, too.

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Safety Tips for Your Auto Salvage Yard Visit

Your next trip to the salvage yard may pay off with exactly the part or assembly you need, but it can also host some lurking dangers for the careless. A cavalier attitude toward handling used cars and auto parts can result in a variety of entirely preventable injuries.

Fortunately, you can stay safe during your salvage yard expedition simply by following a few smart basic practices. Discover some general rules to keep in mind before, during, and after your search. Continue reading Safety Tips for Your Auto Salvage Yard Visit